• Dave Krupski

    Hi, welcome to the Zwitty Endurance Training Program! My name is Dave Krupski, and I have been a marathon and ultramarathon runner for over a decade. I’ve run over 30 marathons (including 15 “sub-3:00” marathons), as well as over 20 ultramarathons, including 13 races of 100 miles or longer (such as Badwater, 4 consecutive Keys 100s, and a 175-mile nonstop race in Italy (Ultra-Milano Sanremo). Along the way, I have learned a lot about what works in training, and – just as importantly – what does not. I would like to share my knowledge and experience with you.

  • Training Philisophy

    My training philosophy is simple: train intelligently and train hard. There are no “magic pills” or tricks in this business. This is the beauty of endurance running events: they are meritocracies . . . the harder you work, the better you will perform, period. But there is a HUGE difference between intelligent/analytical training and just “winging” it.

  • Start your Training Plan

    That is where I come in. Whether you are training for your first marathon or trying to qualify for Boston, or running your first ultra or trying to win the Keys 100, I can help you devise a training plan and race-day strategy that will let you realize your goal. To be clear, YOU will be the one doing all the work; but I will be a resource who will be steadfastly in your corner at ALL times. If this sounds good to you, read on…


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